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I was skating at shields and was trying to olie the 4 ft ledge (wich ive done a 3ft) and my stupid friend steffen kept bothering me when i was getting ready to try it the first time and he was making me nervous and when i tried it and i landed it then i slipped and landed on my wrist and i got up and took a break and sat down. But this morning it hurt so bad that i went to the ER and got some x-rays and the doctor said they dont Know yet if its broken so i got a 1/2 cast and a sling on for 4-5 days then i have to get more x-rays to find out if my wrist is broken and im not aloud to skate.

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  1. That does suck,hey man i hope its not broken and good luck to you i hope you'll be back on your board before you know it.

    vaskater13's Emeritar vaskater13 Posted:

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