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Name: Reece Bartlett

Age: 17

Hometown: Bury.St.Edmunds

Ride: Any Baker from 8.25 to 8.5, Thunder Trucks, Supertoxic Wheels and Shake Junt Hardware and Bearings! Holla!!

Music/Books: At the moment ive been listening to a lot of country but i'm in to everything really, Books? dayuuum cant say i'm much of a reader.

Interests: My dogs, Gardening and kicking back with the homies!!

Food: Zaaa, Olives and anything with Spinach in it.

Video Parts: Anything with Reynolds, Herman, Jon Dickson, Slash, Greco and the rest of them

Worst Injury: Well at the moment my ankles been giving me a lot of bother metatarsal, tendons, ligaments... that kind of stuff now the plan is to just get fit again and get back out there and be ready for the skate trip to Amsterdam next summer, should be amazing. PEACE!!!


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