Winter sucks.

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It's really cold outside............ and it's making me angry. I can't do anything or chill with anyone I want to. Winter....I'm ready for you to leave...Blog Image

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(4) responses to: Winter sucks.

  1. winter onlly hhas one upside. opening presents :P. only couple more months till' skating season :) then we'll go hit up vancouver :)

    p155drunx's Emeritar p155drunx Posted:
  2. Too true! Vancouver here we come!

    bigkahuna's Emeritar bigkahuna Posted:
  3. i would rather have to go to school and skate afterwards then sit in my house on a snow day.

    jimi tapp's Emeritar jimi tapp Posted:
  4. Me too. ANY DAY.

    bigkahuna's Emeritar bigkahuna Posted:

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