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back heel

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back heel

pretty nifty.

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(8) responses to: back heel

  1. ayy beautiful brick three flat three....i love it

    emericandream's Emeritar emericandream Posted:
  2. that is my favorite trick to do

    Spencer Backlar's Emeritar Spencer Backlar Posted:
  3. nice

    skatekid's Emeritar skatekid Posted:

    Jack's Emeritar Jack Posted:
  5. no shit.

    blastkid's Emeritar blastkid Posted:
  6. Nice... :)

    leh!;)'s Emeritar leh!;) Posted:
  7. thanks

    blastkid's Emeritar blastkid Posted:
  8. did you even fuckin land it?

    emerica555's Emeritar emerica555 Posted:

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