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  • dude saves the hemp forests! i'm tired of no good corporate assholes like you ruining everything

    andyskywalker's Emeritar andyskywalker Posted:
  • yeah man ive seen it, pretty impressive!
    id love to press some bamboo decks. its way better for the environment, and is better than maple in many respects.
    very soon, (my next batch of decks actually) I plan to fiberglass the bottom. you can buy fiberglass rolls at Lowe's for pretty cheap, and the hardening resin too. and that would reaaly add a nice touch to some decks. stiffen em up and make them a little more on the tech-y side too. people like to see stuff like that. might be cool to experiement with

    nate's Emeritar nate Posted:
  • ahhh yeah man, I feel you. I totally didnt even take into account there that you skate street. yeah any wheelbase longer than 16 would indeed feel weird on street. personally, I skate all tranny, and big pools, so I go for long wheelbases and big decks. to each his own though! and that'd be awesome if you get that, best of luck. and yeah, me and my business partner have a few tricky shapes up our sleeve that havent been done, just waiting for the right time to release them.

    nate's Emeritar nate Posted:
  • I noticed it looked like you were spraypainting the base coat on many decks. really not the best method to take. first off, it leaves the deck looking not so smooth, and second it seeps into the wood over time, causing soggyness. Id stronly reccomend sanding the bottoms and topcs to be extremely smooth, then seal with a urethane sealant over the whole deck, as many thin coats until its glassy smooth, then paint a base color, apply graphics, and re-seal with another thin coat of urethane. that will really produce some nice, shiny, smooth finishes. but I did notice the more recent decks are looking nice! keep it up!

    nate's Emeritar nate Posted:
  • oh, and after looking at your deck pictures, I thought id mention a few things to you, just a little professional constructive criticism ya know. dont take it the wrong way.
    anyhow, the concave and nose/tails look real nice. one thing id REALLY reccomend though is longer wheelbases, like around 18-19" or so. it fits longer boards so much better.
    also, I wanted to give some tips on the painting. (next post)

    nate's Emeritar nate Posted:
  • just checked out the page man, I like it. I also noticed you mentioned you wanted to make bamboo boards, which I really dig. I do too, a lot.

    nate's Emeritar nate Posted:
  • sweet, I'll definitely keeo you in mind when its time for a new deck.
    and thats pretty awesome, that you have them professionally done.
    so far ive just pressed pool and slalom boards. but theyve only been prototypes so far, with cheap wood. (but we shred the decks and they feel great) im going to get into making longboards soon, and longer pool boards like I ride. its fun pressing decks, and also a ton of working and perfecting.
    im definitely interested in one of yours though, thats for sure

    nate's Emeritar nate Posted:
  • oh and also, meant to ask you. do you press these decks yourself? I myself have a 12 ton hydraulic press, and molds I build myself. I have yet to make a mold for boards longer than 34" though, but its coming soon. our little company is still young

    nate's Emeritar nate Posted:

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