A New Season for [Kii.]

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Goodness, I haven't been on this website in almost a YEAR. Sorry if there have been the very few who have glanced at my spot and wondered what i have been up to.

Well i've taken a break from making boards. It was tiring me out and i needed to concentrate on other things. But it was really fun during the first season. The feedback that i've gotten were 98% positive with the remaining 2% were from trollers on this website. lol.

Legal issues arose. Not pertaining to my project, but to life issues. Someone crashed into my car right before i was about to go to a big interview. The guy caused $5000 worth of damage to my car, totally totaling it. Bummer. Not to mention the legal issues and court battles separate from the accident. Its been a mess.

But now the sun is out, or was, and I will be going all out to make sure that my [Kii.] 'boards will be out and about on a webshop near you! If you need any custom designs for whatever sized board you let me know too!

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