see the difference?

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see the difference?

this is my Mach II with Gullwing Mission 1's. A set of Indies are shown as a comparison to the size of my decks.

i should have clarified that i wanted to rush through the color scheme for this particular deck. not one of my sale decks, but more like a demo. silk screening for a small scale, by-hand project is under way.

thanks for looking!

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(2) responses to: see the difference?

  1. And gullwing comes out on top.

    Right now I have some 184mm Tracker Dart trucks, they are SOO nice

    Nate's Emeritar Nate Posted:
  2. Trackers were one my top 5 when i was looking for a sweet wide truck. But it was the Gullwing's super low kingpin and the super high hangar clearance. No kingpin snag the first grind through.

    iBogard's Emeritar iBogard Posted:

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