Friends back from Africa!!

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My friends had gone a missions trip to do stuff in Africa. if you want to go to our site. its there are some pictures and vids of the guys skating there as well. There is also vids such as from our last trip to Mexico to build 2 home s for the poor. But i aint gonna say to much about that go and check it out!!!

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  1. I will sure to update you on, what the MHSA is doing next.

    bossman's Emeritar bossman Posted:
  2. what ind of missions trip was it?

    lilmikey's Emeritar lilmikey Posted:
  3. my friends had all gone and went and built a library and helped different villages for all these people in the villages... it was pretty gnarly stuff it was a pretty rad time the guys had said.

    bossman's Emeritar bossman Posted:

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