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I finally met Nyjah Huston at streetleauge. I also met tom asta, jimmy Carlin, Chris Cole, billy marks(for the second time), steezus Christ, peter ramedetta, austyn Gillette, Bastien salabanzi, mike mo, Tommy sandoval, mikey taylor, Ryan sheckler, and Matt miller. All in two days. o and rob dyrdekys parents.

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(3) responses to: street leauge

  1. dude im jealous

    westsideskaterat's Emeritar westsideskaterat Posted:
  2. Dude it was amazing i had so much fun i skated from 9:30 to 4:00

    bowlrid3r's Emeritar bowlrid3r Posted:
  3. thats whats up bruh

    Ya Boii Frenchyy's Emeritar Ya Boii Frenchyy Posted:

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