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The one and only skateboarding survey for all ya' punksCreated by geoffhayman and taken 5621 times on BzoinkbackgroundHow long since you first stepped on a skateboard?: 4-5 years How long since you last stepped on a skateboard?: couple hours Was your first skateboard shaped like a fish or a popscicle stick?: like a normal skateboard Why do you love skateboarding?: it is exhilarating and fun How old are you?: 14 It's inevitable. C'mon, how many tickets have you gotten?: 0 What's your worst injury? skateboarding, not : i fell on my face once have you broken a board in the last month?: no sir Do you have any sponsors?: no Has skateboarding ever gotten you a date?: nope, my awesome personality has though Your avarage run-in with a cop.: "you can't skate here, find somewhere else" " ok sir" Rent-a-cops or security gaurds?: rent-a-cops Do your parents/family support your skateboarding?: yes they do Goofy or Regular?: Goofy for life How would you describe your style?: idk. i just like to skate Ever had rails on your board?: no Who's in your skate crew?: friends Fav team?: Vans, Emerica, Toy Machine Fav. style?: Jonhhy Layton and Dennis Busenitz fav. spot?: the street spots most stairs?: 7 Hand rails or Hubbas?: hubbas fav. skater?: Johnny Layton, Dennis Busenitz, Andrew Reynolds fav. trick?: frontside and backside bigspins I'll skate 'till...: i dont want to anymore last words: just have fun, and chill out You've been totally Bzoink*d!Take This Survey | Search Surveys | Create a Survey

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