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Trailer park trash that blew in from the high desert (Victorville, California, precisely), Bryan Herman is a dedicated young ripster who doesn't care much about anything--except riding his skateboard. Super tech yet somehow super gnarly, Herman brings down the biggies with the best of 'em in a style reminiscent of a young Jamie Thomas--but 10 times better.

Bryan was born April 10, 1986 and, like many, started out life the simple way: riding BMX bikes and playing baseball. Thanks to the early influence of his older brother, Wayne, however, Herman wisely picked up a skateboard at the ripe old age of 11--leaving those vastly inferior traditional and "extreme" sports in the dust. Although Herms claims he grew up pretty much alone in his formative years (giving him plenty of time to work on tricks), sessions with fellow wheat shredders Matt Allen and David Odle were not uncommon.

After unintentionally starting a riot at school with a product toss, Herman got expelled, then just decided to drop out completely to enjoy the touring life of the sponsored skater. A former Emerica Mansion guest, you can currently find Hermdizzle hanging out at his house in Victorville.

Herman's personality is kind of manic--he's really up or really down. He can be fully hyperactive one minute and quite quiet and pensive the next. Suddenly cropping his long locks way short or shaving his eyebrows off on a whim, Herman is one youngster who is definitely not afraid to switch up his looks on a dime.

Despite all of the trappings of the skateboarding industry, Bryan really does just skate for fun and lets everything happen naturally--an approach to skating that many other kids would do well to learn. Herm's "career" highlights thus far include flying around the world for free on skate tours, getting a cover on The Skateboard Mag, a cover and interview in Thrasher and filming his bangin' parts for Emerica's This is Skateboarding and Stay Gold.

Herman spends off-board moments playing video games, listening to music, eating food and just hanging out with his friends. His future goals include exHermanating everything in his path. Oh, and just staying happy.

Bryan rides for Emerica, Baker, Thunder, Spitfire, Altamont, Shake Junt and Pharmacy.

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(64) responses to: Bryan Herman Biography

  1. Bryan is so sick!

    WarrenJ's Emeritar WarrenJ Posted:
  2. The best skater ever,no question

    Andy's Emeritar Andy Posted:
  3. hardfips so dope, down pat...

    Conor 's Emeritar Conor Posted:
  4. best skater thats all i can say.

    emerica's Emeritar emerica Posted:
  5. everyone says good stuff so im going to say eat my ass, not in a good way at all

    terrorshark's Emeritar terrorshark Posted:
  6. he has the steeziest hardflips ever

    pandaskates492's Emeritar pandaskates492 Posted:
  7. Bryan Herman rocks!

    dwreynoldsfan2428's Emeritar dwreynoldsfan2428 Posted:
  8. Dude....Real Shit, the Hermans are the dopest shoes i've skated....besides the circa tres. They r sick as fuck and they look really sick. It's a legit ass shoe. keep makin' them.

    mobe12345's Emeritar mobe12345 Posted:
  9. Wow. I know for a fact you couldn't remember me. But you were at the copelands demo in Fresno Cali. You guys killed it. But you were like, Sad. Almost evil-like sad. You were all quite and dirty. LOL. I saw your skeletal system.

    Anyways. Greg. Yelled at you when you were at my towns Seven set.

    gimmy's Emeritar gimmy Posted:
  10. YEAH HERMAN!!!

    rajathomas's Emeritar rajathomas Posted:
  11. yooman u thinking of investing in b. herman 2 mids?

    sadaj-101's Emeritar sadaj-101 Posted:
  12. ...b herman 2 mids? that would be totally legit
    i can picture them in my mind rite now

    motormouth's Emeritar motormouth Posted:
  13. your hardflips r beast and i need to know if the herman 2 shoe rips easily because i need a solid shoe that will last a while

    mfell's Emeritar mfell Posted:
  14. One of the best stair skaters ever!

    GnarSurfer's Emeritar GnarSurfer Posted:
  15. B-Hermanator for life.

    /'s Emeritar / Posted:
  16. amazing style

    bakerfanatic's Emeritar bakerfanatic Posted:
  17. it is the best style that all

    skatecolombia's Emeritar skatecolombia Posted:
  18. U D@ $hIt. STr@!GhT uP lIk3 ¥@K. ¥0 Mi N!gg@ U G0t $t33z oUt da Azzzzzzzz

    arch521's Emeritar arch521 Posted:
  19. hey bryan peace bro keep on doing good work bro chill out have fun and do work dude yeah skate rocks i'am a retired skateboarder whit no sponsors peace out bro i'm crazy bryan wish you the best things in life 4 ever bryan nice guy you are and a hardcore skateboarder yeah you rock bro

    ilovemylife's Emeritar ilovemylife Posted:
  20. hey bryan how crazy this sound bro 4 years whitout a girfriend skating everyday that i could bro trying to impress some girsl cuz thats part of what i skate for trying to impress girls doing my trick but girls here don like skaters dude its a really bad trip bro thats why i decided to quit and this past month i've done some stupid shit bro that i regret but its okay dude i'm feeling sad you know bro i always wanted to have friends like you guys dam that put me real down bro

    ilovemylife's Emeritar ilovemylife Posted:
  21. sweetest style, best trick selection, herman 2's are really dope.

    manguy12345's Emeritar manguy12345 Posted:
  22. dude b herman 2s are da best shoes ive eva had

    $teve's Emeritar $teve Posted:
  23. bryan herman's the sickest skater ever!!!!!

    dportsdeathwish's Emeritar dportsdeathwish Posted:
  24. herman is hella sick

    b-glove's Emeritar b-glove Posted:
  25. AND NOW you now something is happening but you don't know what it is

    reynolds now knows

    iskatactsy's Emeritar iskatactsy Posted:
  26. haha gotta love the hermanator, i never saw him do any big shit in person, but he's mad chill and is a cool person. haha that he had a product toss in school. I wish i could do that

    mikeskatesnj's Emeritar mikeskatesnj Posted:
  27. Hez the best!!!!!!

  28. fuckin g
    your sick man, it was cool meeting u at the baker/deathwish demo in springfield
    thanks for takin a pic with me and my homies

    (check the pic u might remember)

    shakejuntson!'s Emeritar shakejuntson! Posted:
  29. Yah Herm-Dog!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  30. my fave skateboarder

    gumsole92's Emeritar gumsole92 Posted:
  31. mmmm. will you marry me?

    dearshaina's Emeritar dearshaina Posted:
  32. sick hardflips Bryan

    ramsey1's Emeritar ramsey1 Posted:
  33. One of my favorite skaters and the best.

    vaskater13's Emeritar vaskater13 Posted:
  34. your my fav skater I got his boards shoes and everything, bryan your the best

    bakerskate's Emeritar bakerskate Posted:
  35. My all time favorite sk8er,sick hardflips keep up the good work.

    vaskater13's Emeritar vaskater13 Posted:
  36. Bryan Herman gets gnarly on wood. Check out his profile and track him on this site:

    radsteez's Emeritar radsteez Posted:
  37. He makes skating to Bowie look awesome hahaha
    BAKER 3!!!

    angelg714's Emeritar angelg714 Posted:
  38. ur shoe rocks the gaff :]

    lil-steve's Emeritar lil-steve Posted:
  39. He takes skateing to another level
    his hardflips are legend
    for sho

    Karma's Emeritar Karma Posted:
  40. herman 2's are the best. i can do my hardflips somuch better now. thanks for putting out such a sick shoe herman. Stay Gold.

    skate4die4's Emeritar skate4die4 Posted:
  41. the grip on the herman 2's is amazing sick shoes

    sk8temerica8's Emeritar sk8temerica8 Posted:
  42. keep up the g-code and chicken bone nowison!!

    cjg956's Emeritar cjg956 Posted:
  43. hards and nolie inwards, so bangin

    skeezymoney's Emeritar skeezymoney Posted:
  44. wtf? what kind of weird gay shit is this? xDD
    i realy doubt that he ever visits this site xDDDDD

    valatka's Emeritar valatka Posted:
  45. nollie inwards and hards
    gets me wet

    xifallen87aof's Emeritar xifallen87aof Posted:
  46. Yo im kc im 12 and poor as dirt man you should do me a huge favor and send me a pair of your herman2s whatever color idc. plz man send me some shoes my address is 816 wilbur ave. phillipsburg nj. thamks and keep it g code

    kcciupa123's Emeritar kcciupa123 Posted:
  47. nnnice style bryan

    panela's Emeritar panela Posted:
  48. THis dood is my idol

    patty-fresh's Emeritar patty-fresh Posted:
  49. Manor-house of skater, bryan I relate a beast ojala one day to be able to see here in chili serious the better(best) thing bear this harflip of the death:)
    Andrew sb chili

    andrewskt's Emeritar andrewskt Posted:
  50. sickest skater and sickest style yo
    g-code man.

    skatenesh's Emeritar skatenesh Posted:
  51. dude that is a gnarly story!!!!!

    honorg-code's Emeritar honorg-code Posted:
  52. hands down the best hardflips! and tricks! and the best skater! -right next to andrew reynolds ''the boss!''

    carlosskatergomez's Emeritar carlosskatergomez Posted:

    straight-codded's Emeritar straight-codded Posted:
  54. Oh man , im a huge fan , ur tricks are dope your weed is dope, your clothing style is dope(i would like to design stuff for the emerica team) and i would love to sk8 with u,Braydon,Spanky,Hsu,and Reynolds. Hit me up,or come down to new york man.STAY GOLD ALL DAY EVERY DAY!

    dopedude101's Emeritar dopedude101 Posted:
  55. my favourite fo sho! no better style out there

    Stay Gold!'s Emeritar Stay Gold! Posted:
  56. g-code biatch!

    matejsteger's Emeritar matejsteger Posted:
  57. Shake junt!

    shakealone1's Emeritar shakealone1 Posted:
  58. Where do i get Jeans like Herman's ?

    dude-28's Emeritar dude-28 Posted:
  59. so to a dictionary and search hardflips it says bryan herman nigguh

    xg-codex's Emeritar xg-codex Posted:
  60. i love this dude!! :D HERMANATOR!!

    mariahemerica's Emeritar mariahemerica Posted:
  61. so sick! my fav skater!!!

    kevinrowan's Emeritar kevinrowan Posted:
  62. fav skater!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    zaelmunger's Emeritar zaelmunger Posted:
  63. fav skater!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    zaelmunger's Emeritar zaelmunger Posted:
  64. awesome skater

    baker15's Emeritar baker15 Posted:

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