Skateboarding Survey

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The top skateboarding survey for all you skaters

Are you going to go pro?: yea lol
What trick are you currently working on?: sw back heel
Whats your worst injury in skating yet?: broken both ankles, snapped my wrist an had to have the bone pushed bak in, busted my skull
Do you hate people who wear skate brands but they dont skate?: yeah only wen they wear kr3w
If someone tells you to leave a spot what do you say?: ill prob just leave and comeback later
How long you been skating?: about a year and a half
Snapped a board lately?: yes
Do you ever get pissed if you cant land a trick?: yup
What is your current set-up?: Bobier mystery, Venture Impala purple, Bones STF white, FKD Biebel Signature
Are the graphics getting fucked up?: no its brand new
What do you think is the best skate shoe?: Emerica's & Lakai

How do you dress while skating?: jeans and a tee
What shoes do you wear?: emerica, lakai
Are you more street or vert?: both
Who do you think you skate most like.: Reynolds
Are you regular or goofy?: Regular
What brands do you support?: Matix, emerica, active, globe, eS', Altamont, lakai
Why do you support those brands?: There Cool
Hubbas or handrails?: Hubbas
Stairs or banks?: stairs
What about ledges?: Awesome
Do you get pissed when other people wear your brands?: No
If a cop told you to leave a spot and then he left would you go back there?: Ya why wouldnt I?

Company?: Too Many
Shoes?: eS', Emerica, Lakai
Deck?: Mystery, Plan B
Wheels?: Rictas, Bones STF
Skater?: Reynolds all the way
Why are they your favorite?: there the best period
Griptape?: jessup
Pants?: RVCA, Active, Emerica, Kr3w
T-shirts?: Stussy, Matix, plain tees
Spots?: OV,HBHS, SMHS, Eldo, willshire, Carlsbad
People you skate with?: Nick, Matt, G baby, Shark, Jakob
Dylan, Q, Tyler, Anthony, Derec, alec, micah, branden, danny, tommy from DEMA

Do you make skate set ups?: Crappy ones
Ever created a skate spot of your own?: ya
If someone snakes you what do you think?: snake them next time
If someone calls you a poser what do you do?: ignore it
Ever find a pefect handrail?: cant do em
Ever find a perfect stair set?: yup
You will skate till...: i cant skate any more
Last words?: Cool Survey

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