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Hello...well i'm a skateboarder, I love 2 skate/live 2 skate. But besides all that i film and kick it back and relax "dosen't everybody". I am a pretty chill guy, and get along with everybody, there is not alot of people who don't like me.Well, the people i hangout with the most are all my skate buddies.I am sponsored by a small local team called Casino, and the cats I skate with are Travis Nye, Cory Martinez, Mark McAmdams,Lucas Honadel, and Dilon Howell. Now if u would like to kno more about the team go to If u would like to kno more about me and my wonderful life...just ask!

Stay Gold!


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  • whats up?

    You Know My Name's Emeritar You Know My Nam... Posted:
  • hey dude that pic is sick. is that u? if it is u rock man.


    p.s. stay gold

    pumapumanukanukaapawata's Emeritar pumapumanukanuk... Posted:
  • that piture looks sick!! are you good? dont get cocki

    bert--aaal's Emeritar bert--aaal Posted:
  • i got a poster of your backround autographed, its on my wall right now! lol

    Cory Martinez's Emeritar Cory Martinez Posted:

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