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I'm Louie, and I skate. I am sponsored by Cancelled Skateboards, and I also own the company. We will be making boards soon so yeah.

I am also in a band called Deathbed, and we have like one song. I have the Emerica Francis shoe, and they are the ones with the purple laces. I don't use them anymore because they are like sandals, and now I have C1rca AL50's. I love Metal, Rock, and Gothic music. I play bass in my band and sort of sing.

Right now I have a ZERO Chris Cole Pale Horse deck, Flip wheels, Venture trucks, and Bones Reds bearings. I am hoping to get a Cancelled board made and some new trucks and wheels and bearings.

I skate tight pants, don't hate. I don't hate on people with baggy pant.

I am not a poser and my best trick is a Tre/360 flip.


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