Survey Time

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Fave shoes:

Fave board:

Fave trucks:

Fave Wheels:

Fave sk8r:


For example,

Name:Charles Allignton

Setup:Baker Szafranski Tall Boy Deck,Royal Trucks, Spitfire Wheels,Reds Bearings,Bones medium bushings,Shorty's Hardware, and Negative One grip tape.

Fave shoes:Purple Reynolds 3

Fave board:Baker Dollin White PD Logo Deck

Fave trucks:Chris Cole Pro Thunder Pro Strike Low Trucks

Fave Wheels:Dollin 2

Fave sk8r:Chris Cole

Inspiration:Rodney Mullen

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(5) responses to: Survey Time

  1. Name: Paul Rosales a.k.a. P-Ros

    Setup:Koston Indy Low's J-Lay To Mach, Spitfire J-Lay's 53.5, Pig bearings,Project hardware, Mob Grip

    Fave shoes: Marc Johnson's Emerica., Ek-01 eS, Hermans Emerica.

    Fave board: which ever 8

    Fave trucks: Indy or Thunder

    Fave Wheels: Spitfire

    Fave sk8r: Too many to name

    Inspiration: a good skate vid or watching my freinds.

    Bestskater's Emeritar Bestskater Posted:
  2. Name: Ra. Or "God" will do, too.

    Setup: Enjoi Heavenly Thoughts deck, OG Indy Floaters, Ra™ wheels. Don't need bearings, 'cause Ra™ wheels go straight on the axle.

    Fave shoes: Emerica KSL2. Ain't no other.

    Fave board: Enjoi 'Unicorns And Rainbows'

    Fave trucks: There's other trucks than Indy?

    Fave wheels: Ra™ frictionless wheels

    Fave skater: Anubis

    Inspiration: The second clash at the gates of Troy in 1191 BC. What a sight to behold. Gave me the inspiration to start skating fields again.

    Ra's Emeritar Ra Posted:
  3. name:lui roose

    setup:mystery target deck,tensor lo(soon to be indy lo),ricta aircore wheels ,lucky abec 3.

    fave board:zero roots

    fave trucks:wot RA sed:|

    Fave wheels:any spitfire.

    fave skater:ali boulala, met him at prissick flip demo.

    inspiration:black label the blackout video.ragdoll n jason adams(six gun).makes me wonna skate.o ye an mini ramps inspire me to get a mini ramp.

    kikinfrogz's Emeritar kikinfrogz Posted:
  4. baker loose pop in like a week.hahahahaha

    kikinfrogz's Emeritar kikinfrogz Posted:
  5. Name: michael thompson

    Setup:Blank,wood krux,pokemon wheels,redds(bearing),jessup grip tape,cheap hard wear,

    Fave shoes:, dust

    Fave board: which ever 8

    Fave trucks: Krux

    Fave Wheels:

    Fave sk8r: Too many to name

    Inspiration: a good skate vid or watching my freinds

    valor16's Emeritar valor16 Posted:
  6. name:chris sither

    setup:enjoi scraps,autobahn 54mm, reds(bearings),MOB grip(the best ever),Iron Horse hardware,plain risers, Tensor lows Daewon Song pro fades

    Fave shoes:Reynolds 3

    Fave board:Zero cole pale horse

    fave trucks:any tensors or ventures

    Fave wheels:any see through rictas

    Fave sk8r:Chris Cole Inspiration: Chris Cole or Andrew Reynolds

    sk8hardordietryin's Emeritar sk8hardordietryin Posted:

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