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Fave shoes:

Fave board:

Fave trucks:

Fave Wheels:

Fave sk8r:




Setup:8.06 Real, Thunder, Bones wheels, Reds bearings,

Fave shoes:Fallen Ripper, Fallen Forté, Emerica B. Herman 2, Vans J-Lays, Vans Half-Cabs

Fave board:Any Real.

Fave trucks:Indys or Thunders

Fave Wheels:Bones

Fave sk8r:Chris Cole, Mike Carroll, Lucas Puig, Marc Johnson.

Inspiration:Jamie Thomas, Danny Way, and Rodney Mullen

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  1. Name: Nate

    Setup: piece-O'-crap shop blank, venture trucks, autobaun wheels, fkd bearings

    Fave shoes: supra skytops, b herman 2s fallen trooper and ripper

    Fave board: krooked

    Fave trucks: thunder, silver, or venture

    Fave Wheels: autobaun, hubba, momentum

    Fave sk8r: chris cole

    Inspiration: mark gonzales, chris cole

    Nate's Emeritar Nate Posted:

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