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You were the one, That taught me, Giving up was never an option.


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  • heyyo:]

    iheartskateboarding's Emeritar iheartskateboar... Posted:
  • hey, whats up?

    alli's Emeritar alli Posted:
  • Sounds cool! Im in a local metal band to called Killing With Secrets. If you ever get completely board and have nothing else to do you should go check us out on myspace.

    joeboy's Emeritar joeboy Posted:
  • Hey man. Im a bassist to so i just figured id say whats up and see what band you in! looks cool.

    joeboy's Emeritar joeboy Posted:
  • YO MY SON! Glad to see you go a emerica page!!! Lets skate today i work at six.

    ryansankey's Emeritar ryansankey Posted:

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Yeah. Dumb ass school. Grades are low so Im grounded till I pull them back up. I can still skate, but no park. Basically got my box and the whole wasson elementary school hahaha.Blog Image

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