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  • TruClass Skateshop "Go Ham or Go Home!" Cookout/SkateJam Sat. April 14
    TCMT VOL.14: Detox Staring TheCrew Sean Whitcomb, Ross Capps, Mike Fields, Timmy Johnson, Mike Regan, Eric King, Marquis King and Cody Cepeda. Featuring Spencer Brown and Denelo Susana

    kingquis23's Emeritar kingquis23 Posted:
  • T.C. MixTape Vol.13: Rated PG-13. Starring "TheCrew" Cody Cepeda, Eric King, Timmy Johnson, Marquis King, Sean Whitcomb Mike Fields, and Ross Capps. Featuring Spencer Brown, Mike Regan, Mike Piwowar, and Danilo Susana

    kingquis23's Emeritar kingquis23 Posted:
  • Were you ever on the DVS flow team? I think in 1999 or 1998 would be the time if I remember right.

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  • smoke weed

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  • dude, you pump like crazy in those bowls!! its insane how much momentum you gain!

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  • T.C. MixTape Vol.12: TheCrew Massacre
    Starring "TheCrew" Sean Whitcomb, Cody Cepeda, Eric King, Marquis King, Timmy Johnson, and Mike Fields. Appearences from Ross Capps,Colton Perugia and Mike Regan

    kingquis23's Emeritar kingquis23 Posted:
  • I dont know you but This is skateboarding

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  • check out my new video. its worth a minute.

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Chris Senn Biography

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Chris Senn is a gnar dog. He will demolish any and all terrain at speed, from streets to parks to pools to pipes to contests. He's a mixture of old and new school, a solid link to skateboarding's deep roots that also hints at its future. Chris skates spontaneously and for the feeling, not mere trick difficulty.

Originally from Costa Mesa, California, where he was born on December 11, 1972, Chris moved up to Grass Valley in Northern California at 11, where he started skating in the sixth grade when a friend brought a Powell video to school. Sessions on mini-ramps, jump ramps and garbage-style ramps brewed-up soon after. After skating for numerous board companies over the years (Powell, Toy Machine, Think, Adrenaline), Chris is now happy at home on Element.

Raw Info: Chris Senn was Thrasher's 1995 Skater of the Year.

One of Chris' career highlights over the years has been "Traveling around the world and seeing different places that are completely the opposite of what we're used to here. That's what I like about it the most. It changes your perspective about what's really going on in the whole world."

Despite his constant travels, Senn remains very grounded. He now lives in Hawaii, with ne'er a thought of moving to the skateboarding industry hub of Southern California to pursue dreams of skate stardom. He's happier where he's at, living the simple life: hanging at home with wife, Michelle, and raising his kids, Anakin and Julian.

On contests: "I try to skate like I'm just hanging out with my friends and skating. That way, I don't get nervous. If you try to get all serious about it, then you'll just get nervous and not even be able to stand on your board."

In addition to skating, Chris is very creative and talented in all areas of his life. Take his painting, for example. He can paint anything and make it look like a photograph, or go in the exact opposite direction with a full-on mind-bending abstract. Funny that his whole approach to painting (no fear of messing-up) matches that of his skating (no fear of injury.)

When he's not traveling the world for demos, contests or filming missions, Senn can usually be found skating with his son, Anakin, and friends. His off-board hours are usually spent painting, surfing and gardening. As for the future, Chris hopes to stay happy raising his family, skating and making a living off his artwork. Hats off to Senn Dog.

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