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(i ride regular)

bastien kickflip
fakie kickflip
switch kickflip
fakie heelflip
bs pop shuvit
fs pop shuvit
bs pop shuvit sex change
switch bs pop shuvit
switch bs pop shuvit sex change
switch fs pop shuvit
fakie bs pop shuvit
fakie bs 360 pop shuvit
fakie bs pop shuvit sex change
fakie fs pop shuvit
fakie bs big spin
fs 180
bs 180
switch fs 180
switch bs 180
fakie fs 180
fakie bs 180
fakie fs full cab
fakie varial
bs flip
fakie bs flip
fakie fs flip
nollie fs full cab
nollie fs pop shuvit
nollie fs 360 pop shuvit
nollie fs pop shuvit sex change
nollie bs pop shuvit
fs 50-50
bs 50-50
fs 5-0
bs 5-0
bs boardslide
fs lipslide
fs boardslide
switch fs 50-50
switch bs boardslide
fs crooks
fs feeble
manual nosemanual
nollie bs pop shuvit to manual
nollie fs pop shuvit to manual
pop shuvit to tail grab
360 flips
no comply
360 fs boneless
360 bs pivot
360 fs pivot
540 bs pivot
540 fs pivot
fakie 720 bs pivot
fakie 360 fs pivot

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(5) responses to: Trick List

  1. You should be pro

    Colin.'s Emeritar Colin. Posted:
  2. I was kidding

    Colin.'s Emeritar Colin. Posted:
  3. chriscolelovesyou's Emeritar chriscolelovesyou Posted:
  4. yeah right

    loves2skate's Emeritar loves2skate Posted:
  5. You need to skate more swicth tricks

    cedric's Emeritar cedric Posted:
  6. But, it's good to impress your friends

    cedric's Emeritar cedric Posted:

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