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The name is Christian Castillo [remember my name, you'll be screaming it later], I'm 15 years old[not legal....yet!], I skate[no shit!],I happen to be hispanic[if Leo can do it, I can too...maybe], I'm still in school[skewl sux], no job[typical mexican huh?], and besides skating I pretty much don't have a life[would I want one anyways?].I have a weird sense of humor, so yes, I do laugh at stupid people getting run over. I read a lot[Clockwork Orange was da shizzz!], but that doesn't mean I'm a nerd [Nerd's Revenge was kinda lame].I probably use parentheses too much if you couldn't already tell]. I usually skate 8's or 7.75's [to catch them tre's boltz!], 54 mm wheels [more pop!], the fastest bearings I can get[love to bomb hills], usually MOB grip[the shit lasts awhile], and usually stitched shoes[love cup-soles!].Not too good at rail, but I like tech shit[a lot of trick in-manny-trick out] and a few flips tricks[can you say full-cab flips?]. Like ledges okay, but I get hurt more often than not[fuck shiners]. Well thats pretty much I'm willing to type[seeing as one of you may be a pedophile or something], so if you wanna know more just ask?[question marks are gnarly]


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