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its ci ci
im 17
5 ft
anything else
and i may tell yu
or cuss yu out
so i guess its a risk
yu jux gotta take


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  • Hi CICI!!! Nice PICS!!!

    Norrin Radd's Emeritar Norrin Radd Posted:
  • id.. cici every girl that i cici round town,

    emericandream's Emeritar emericandream Posted:
  • What up CICI!!! That'z whatz good keep ya head up mama!!! I been going hard out here Hardflips galore!!! Miss ya!!!

    Norrin Radd's Emeritar Norrin Radd Posted:
  • HAHA noo i'm not wearing it to school, i can walk in them but helll naw! and sam is?? FOR REAL?!

    BAKED POTATO's Emeritar BAKED POTATO Posted:
  • What up baaaaaaaby!!!

    Norrin Radd's Emeritar Norrin Radd Posted:
  • Hahahahaa Yeah school is rather nasty. Try going to Australian school, you have to wear uniforms, glad those days are over haha.

    RICHIE's Emeritar RICHIE Posted:
  • Good, hows your summer been? And how's gaytown Chapel Hill? Haha

    RICHIE's Emeritar RICHIE Posted:
  • ci ci
    i got an emerica, thanks to your best friend haha

    RICHIE's Emeritar RICHIE Posted:

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