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another trick tip request cause the last ones worked really well... thanks.... does anyone know how to help me with bs flips.... i can fs half cab flip but i suck at bs 180s so bs flips are harder.. thanks and hope you can help

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  1. once again.. all mental..

    davidko's Emeritar davidko Posted:
  2. i kinda cheat when i do my bs flips and do a kickflip and a 90 degree turn then like pivot the other 90 :P

    Mikey's Emeritar Mikey Posted:
  3. Again man flip late like delay the flip until after you start the spin it should flip and be back at your feet about at three quarters of the spin then you just follow through and you got it, just watch skate videos... braydons backside flips are really good and super easy to follow just kinda get them in youre head and go for it

    DaltonHarris's Emeritar DaltonHarris Posted:

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