What's your favorite band?

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slight change of question but it is diffferent

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(6) responses to: What's your favorite band?

  1. Led Zep, AC/DC

    VSVP's Emeritar VSVP Posted:
  2. dios (malos), bloc party, spinto band, the avalanches, boys noize

    tattoo-of-a-potato's Emeritar tattoo-of-a-potato Posted:
  3. minutemen

    CRAIG's Emeritar CRAIG Posted:
  4. led zeppelin, black sabbath, van halen, black keys, white stripes, cream

    gheorgheorghe's Emeritar gheorgheorghe Posted:
  5. the shocking blue,johnny cash.

    birmingham's Emeritar birmingham Posted:
  6. dystopia

    .'s Emeritar . Posted:

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