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I'm 13.
I like to skate.
I listen to rap/rock.
- I go to sleep at about mid-night, and wake up at 8:30 next morning, and can't go back to sleep cause I'm too anxious to skate the whole day.

Tomarrow night, I'll make a quick edit of all my throw away footy on Adobe.


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  • sup i live in pa 2 man
    u shred

    yakuzateddybear's Emeritar yakuzateddybear Posted:
  • Heyy man.
    What's up!?

    michelle.'s Emeritar michelle. Posted:
  • just got back from vacation, im going to dc plaza in 2 days with my crew. call me

    codemansk8's Emeritar codemansk8 Posted:
  • holy shit dude ur sick how ong have u been skating

  • Thats sick. You ever gonna post footy?

    Willis's Emeritar Willis Posted:
  • dude we have to hang out sometime, mabey u could come over, or we could go to a park and meet up. msg me back. Peace

    codemansk8's Emeritar codemansk8 Posted:
  • hey cole its me cody from peach

    codemansk8's Emeritar codemansk8 Posted:
  • Dude where"s peach plaza?

    Chris "Crispy" Parker's Emeritar Chris "Crispy" ... Posted:

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