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I am generally a bitch but I can be a real sweetheart. I'm very blunt. I'm single. & i'm lesbian.


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  • ur too cute. Hit me up sometime.

    aramjohnson's Emeritar aramjohnson Posted:
  • Bad Ass Pictures

    butler's Emeritar butler Posted:
  • T.C. MixTape Vol.13: Rated PG-13. Starring "TheCrew" Cody Cepeda, Eric King, Timmy Johnson, Marquis King, Sean Whitcomb Mike Fields, and Ross Capps. Featuring Spencer Brown, Mike Regan, Mike Piwowar, and Danilo Susana

    kingquis23's Emeritar kingquis23 Posted:
  • hey Corinne i dont get on that much anymore either i mostly get on facebook now so... whats up?

    dezy23's Emeritar dezy23 Posted:
  • nice pixs...=)

    emericagurl07's Emeritar emericagurl07 Posted:
  • hey i aint talked to u in a while girl wats up

    dezy23's Emeritar dezy23 Posted:
  • what it do

    mikeyknows09's Emeritar mikeyknows09 Posted:
  • Hey! How's it going?

    darius's Emeritar darius Posted:

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