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i'm cory, the father of larry.

"being silver ain't gold."


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Wild Ride Part 4.

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it's like the trip is ending again. the pain. no.

where did i leave off? hold on, let me look at the photos.

my mom always taught me; it's a good night if you end up in a limo. later in life, she taught me a valuable lesson in the sense that you should "always stay up until sunrise drinking with the dirty business crew on the morning of go skateboarding day."

thanks mom, i've finally made it.

cliff notes: went to max fish. met bros. got punched. ended up in a limo. went home when the sun was really bright in the east. slept 30 minutes or so. went to go skateboarding day. dirty...dirty business, fool!

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wild ride 3

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note to the reader: if you can't handle all the larry coverage, then maybe my page isn't for you.

i went to nyc because i had to do some work up there on friday. it turned out i didn't even do my job nor get paid so that really was responsible and cool. but, i warmed up on thursday night with the girl i got larry from off of raleigh's craigslist, catherine. catherine is probably the most awesome person in the world, and a complete trainwreck after she's been drinking. i mean, she gets more rad than any of my guy friends, and she is the mother of larry. and, she posts me up every time i go to nyc if my homies are out of town, and her roommates got so bummed that i brought the dirty business crew over...and i bled all over her roommate's pillow, and my feet stank, i smoked in the house, brought larry, etc.

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wild ride 1

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i joined the ride at tony's bowl. i've skated 4 times this year. i bruised my heel and broke my hand, so i was down for a bit. i rode my '77 sporty to the spot, praying it'd make it to the big apple (which of course, it didn't but later you'll find out why that's a greater cause). met the dudes, dropped in the bowl with 86d hardness wheels which didn't work out. joey tershay was kind enough to hook me up with some proper 55's and i pumped around the bowl for a bit. knowing i had a bed 20 minutes down the road, i left a bit past dark and got destroyed by bugs driving across jordan lake.

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