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Name: Marian
Sex: no, thanks
Age: 18
Hometown: Vegas, baby
Current location: Florida
Position: goofy

My love for skateboarding began in my elementary years, 2nd grade, when a group of 5th graders brought their boards to school one day. I thought it was so cool how they rode so smoothly on the blacktop, attempting their 2 inch ollies off the ground. I thought to myself, "I want to do that." And I so I did... five years later. 7th grade, I spent my days grinding sidewalks & bustin' sweet ollies off curbs. One year later, I learned to kickflip, & that's when my skating really started to take off. Heelflips, Big Spins, Fakie Caballeros to Nollie Flips; it wasn't too impressive, but I had potential. My first rail grind was like an atomic shower of awesome. I remember wanting to try handrails immediately afterward, but then I remembered common sense & used that to my benefit. 9th grade, I moved. I tried skating on my own, but it wasn't the same without my crew. I haven't touched a skateboard since the 10th grade, but I plan to change that soon. Once a skateboarder, always a skateboarder.


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  • yea i realy never liked skateparks to meny people judge you over thair

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  • whats up

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