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woooo yeah i like to skateboard und play music, i shred mostly everything. Always down to skate. pool Coping + skateboard= goood!!! Bonus = fronside! Uh i like all kinds of music, art is pretty rad also as long as yer not doing it for an image, your creating art for yourself. DIY is good when combined with skateboarding music(house shows) and art im pretty laid back so yeah stay gold i gues not old!
Oh yeah Cardiel kills


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  • shred?
    Im ok... sick of school ahah

    xxkc's Emeritar xxkc Posted:
  • ahahah thanks. :)how old re u??

    xxkc's Emeritar xxkc Posted:
  • keep those posers in line ? well I guess my english it's not that good hehe ...but maybe it means somethinh like...keep an eye on them.
    well don't worry if you don't know where Slovenia is ...even Thrasher dosen't know...some Vans riders came to Slovenia in capital city Ljubljana ...and in artical Thrasher wrote that Vans riders wore in SLOVAKIA Ljubljana
    that's wrong right hehe

    Display name:'s Emeritar Display name: Posted:
  • thanks!

    Ed Templeton's Emeritar Ed Templeton Posted:
  • like the country??

    xxkc's Emeritar xxkc Posted:
  • thanks :)

    plushedelica's Emeritar plushedelica Posted:
  • Yeah.... most definitely.

    Jen's Emeritar Jen Posted:

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