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Somebody at soletech flagged my channel.

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I got flagged over one of my emerica vids, i DID NOT upload the new video. I was even helping out the real emerica youtube channel as well. I'm def bummed about it, but think it was just a misunderstanding, Im still going to re upload my footy for all the emerica fans to see, in hopes that whomever is in charge of flagging will actually watch it and see it is not anything from the new video,
Regardless i'm hyped for the des moines premiere and cant wait to see the video.


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(2) responses to: Somebody at soletech flagged my channel.

  1. Hey man, just FYI I'm pretty sure that the flagging is automated. I believe we put a copyright claim on any video uploaded near the time the video was finished with "Stay Gold" in the title or description. So unfortunately it probably got snagged by the bots.

    rel1sh's Emeritar rel1sh Posted:
  2. yeah i figured something was up, because i hadnt even seen the new vid yet, and coulnt have put up anything infringing. ^__^

    Cory Martinez's Emeritar Cory Martinez Posted:

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