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hey this is dezy`s page if u dont like it then kiss her *** and delete her off ur homies and NEVER get on her page again!!!but if not then come back and visit whenever u want 2 !!!;]

well other than me bein a ***** im really a cool person .very unique 2,why,cuz u cant find a hott smart girl ANYWHERE sept for here cuz thats me!!too bad 4 sum of u losers tho cuz im taken and happily in love with my boyfriend..

i love screamo,emo,punk,metal,rock,and alternative music i love to eat but i never gain the weight 4m eatin all that i do i like to be different from everybody else and if your a guy and u ever take me 2 a bar then i will be pickin up girls without u!!!but not rite now cuz my mans all that i need as long as i got him
H.I.M. ,AvengedSevenfold,Three Days Grace, Children of Bodom,and some japanese band that sings "pink spider" are some of my favorite bands!!

and me and my baby plan on getting married on june 20 2015 ;)


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  • whatsis your phone number dezy

    pandahoodlum's Emeritar pandahoodlum Posted:
  • Ohh I see, I am about to delete my facebook account. Its way way way too confusing. So I stick with myspace, plain and simple. haha. Not too much going on around here, I have the flu :/ yourself ?

    corinne.'s Emeritar corinne. Posted:

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dezy23 has no steez! What a bum!

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