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wats up. my names austin. im a sk8er frum florida . i sk8 down at a park called B3 or edge or da mini ramp in da bak of b-hood.Dats prety sik.Oh yea, and da fm sk8prk. i go ther sumtimes. I sk8 a piece of crap brotherhood deck dat i had since i first started sk8n.dat was lik 3 or 4 or 2 years ago. I dnt kno.Its still a good beet up deck tho. i learnd almost all of my triks on it. And i wanna sk8 woodward. Dats me, cept 4 da chick im gion out wit. her name is sophie. she cool. :Q


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  • Hey man magic pencil is so funny.

    vaskater13's Emeritar vaskater13 Posted:
  • wait so u r going out wit her?? or ur not going out wit her??

    sk8mama's Emeritar sk8mama Posted:
  • well i skate in the av...out in lancaster...wat bout u?

    transparent-designs's Emeritar transparent-des... Posted:
  • rly thts cool

    sk8mama's Emeritar sk8mama Posted:
  • mine would probably be a nollie tre...or a nollie fs big spin

    transparent-designs's Emeritar transparent-des... Posted:
  • well i can skate...i guess im ok..some people say im good...i think im just ok...wat bout u?

    transparent-designs's Emeritar transparent-des... Posted:
  • Haha...

    So what up..?

    "Hoodlum"'s Emeritar "Hoodlum" Posted:
  • but how was the sk8prk was it any good or was it jst a bad sk8 day

    sk8mama's Emeritar sk8mama Posted:

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