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names jonathan 12yrs old i live and breath sk8ing wana no more just ask


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  • ...nm...and you?...

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  • ...so what did you do today?...

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  • haha kacey has it to i got it from tiff

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  • ...not much...just online...and you?...

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  • nuttin much chillin and listenin to music wby?

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  • hey man thanks for addin me

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  • ...wow!...thats messed up!...

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  • ...i know that...but eventually they do...when they dont know they do...

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well my name is Jonathan im 12 im suppose 2 b in 6th grade but only in 5th i hav 6olda sistas and 1lil sista i also hav 1 lil brotha. well i hav a baker and i guess i can say dat i wont...

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