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Hi there emericans !
My Name is Andrej and i am 19 & from goodoh Berlin, yeah xD
Right, i luv doing art (traditional, Photoshop, but also run around with a can and some stencils)
i try to skate better than a 3 year old kid,
luv to chill around with assorted splifs and listen to a lot of oh´school music.
the rest of my life i try to waste on stupid shit like trying to scratch my name into the wall of a police arrest cell -..-

hope That you like some of my shit and maybe leave a comment or just flame me !



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Yeah as the topic says i got an idea while thinking about how to make art that everybody could use as kind of a practical/useful tool but still having a piece of unique art.

So i thought about my russian roots and tried to combine the russian matroshkas with weedeeweed :)

Added some "Wor W Sakone" (Russian Jail Brotherhood) inspired Tattoos and some communist symbols.

This is the prototype/result - hard work - works great

No Matroska Grinder ! OMERTA - no. words about your dirty little secrets

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