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Hey there ! Since there finally good weather in Germany i was skating and ridin´my bike a lot and had no time for GFX and things like that ^^ but since i fucked up my old bike i decided to build up a fixie.

So i took this rusted italian handmade-frame found in the local park...

Blog Image

Blog Image

...flint-papered it and handsprayed it and came up with this :

Blog Image

Blog Image

the only thing left is to buy a rear hub,wheel, spokes and tires, argh waitin´for my moneeeey !!!! hate that i want to ride it ^^

hope you like as much as me xP


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(4) responses to: been buisy on...

  1. man, thats amazing how you put all that shit together!, wow

    David's Emeritar David Posted:
  2. skills

    toi's Emeritar toi Posted:
  3. Nice bike and you Found the old frame in the park? Some Ghetto park lol

    andrewhoehn's Emeritar andrewhoehn Posted:
  4. ist wirklich gut geworden!

    nothing came out...'s Emeritar nothing came out... Posted:

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