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ehm... should i call it furniture ? ^^

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Yeah i was about trying somethin´ new for my room but dont wanted to paint on the wall directly. So i was lucky that i had 2 of those big wooden wardrobe doors and i just painted one of it with painters cans burshes stencils and rolls ! the idea with those eyes was mine, the rest is carhartt pattern and... the colour of wood ^^ now it fits to the rest of my carhartt room xP

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what do you think of it ?

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(3) responses to: ehm... should i call it furniture ? ^^

  1. damn dude, your art never ceases to amaze me... never, i could spend like the rest of my life tryin to do some of that and not get that close, ever thought about like an art school, or already been there?

    David's Emeritar David Posted:
  2. nice!!!! i like how on the eyes that the paint runs

    Emerica Dude 's Emeritar Emerica Dude Posted:
  3. Thats some good work man, i wish i could paint like that.

    andrewhoehn's Emeritar andrewhoehn Posted:

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