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Fuck Cars !!!

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Lol i got hit by a damn muther fuckin car today when i was on the way to my girlfriends place.
it happened on the enlightened main street
i was driving with my fixie on the bicicle lane and having a light on so every blind retard could see me !
now this dumbass retard is coming towards me and suddenly decides to make a 90 degree turn to my side of the street over the bicicle lane and onto the pavement LOOOOOL

i was just WTF !!!
even if i had brakes i couldnt stop in front of this retard ! so i had to fuckin try to get into the cargap before him but even at this moment this idiot didnt see me and he got me with his left bumber side at my back wheel so i flew over the fucking engine cover and landed on my elbow -...-*

i am glad that my wheels are still straight and nothing bad happened.

i think this guy was stoned or he was more shocked than me dunno, he only said "sry and that he was in a rush and had no time to watch" and i was just like WTF !

so i said fuck off and went away, cause if the cops get you with a fixi in germany you will never see that bike again ;) because its allways your fault in an accident if you have no brakes on your bike lolz...

lucky car driving retard !

so fuck cars !

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(2) responses to: Fuck Cars !!!

  1. fuck dude... that sucks, something similar hapened to my friend and some lady hit him while riding a bike. she just said she was sorry and asked if he was ok and left.

    David's Emeritar David Posted:
  2. wow man thats terrible..
    hope youre not too hurt : )

    Nate's Emeritar Nate Posted:

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