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two days ago it started getting colder here in berlin so i decided to get something printed that day.

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after working two hours photoshopping that boombox out of the image (it looked ok), i decided to leave the picture as it was and just ading the no bubble cause it has the full effect of the message even without doing to much in photoshop. so its an easy image but i kind of like that old school look and the idea of that picture.
the only thing that is weird that people who walk by dont get the message really because you have to look twice to recognize that it is a boombox on fullpower. and the little no. just stands for saying no if you dont want to and not to be dependend and to make your own decisions. and the guy who is sitting symbolizes everybody who is fucking talking/messing with you. he shall feel the power of your will when you say. "NO."

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and i mean i payed 30 euro for print and hoodie together and got it at the same day... and all the trademark hoodies are beginning with 60 euro and go to 110 euro in price in berlin... so whos the winner ;) ?

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(2) responses to: HoooooDieeeeMFdieeee!!!

  1. that's so cool! I like those photos!

    Lindsey's Emeritar Lindsey Posted:
  2. do it yourself. warum auch nicht! sieht auf jeden fall spitze aus!

    nothing came out...'s Emeritar nothing came out... Posted:

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