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(6) responses to: raped

  1. HAHAHAHA the end is the best part
    "Oooh, I got (hahaha)crying(hahaha)on the videotape(hahahahahaha)"

    tony's Emeritar tony Posted:
  2. "you could have been raped in the ass" and he just keeps going lol

    Willis's Emeritar Willis Posted:
  3. this one should have won

    7teenagesmokers's Emeritar 7teenagesmokers Posted:
  4. it did....

    caden's Emeritar caden Posted:
  5. holy shit.

    miles's Emeritar miles Posted:
  6. oh man i'm glad that vid won. so fuckin funny. i wanted her to cry the whole time. i'm an older brother too and my sister is 18 too and i LOVE pissing her off!

    drew's Emeritar drew Posted:

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