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i wanna skate so badly but my skating krew has split up only i am left i cant find no one to take my old krew memebers spots! if u live around Highland California hit me up!

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  1. dude i would be in your sk8 team but i dont live in hiland ca. i could make in to your sk8 team cause i am about to get sponcered by plannine and if you do believe me scrol down to the two last vids on my (video) catagory

    skater-z's Emeritar skater-z Posted:
  2. Hey thanks for saying that your awsome I dont just skate street but ya verts cool to you should try it and dude if I lived there we would have the best sk8 team EVER!!!

    skater-z's Emeritar skater-z Posted:
  3. O and one more thing you said to show you some more videos well I made another one check it out on my home page post a coment and tell me wat ya think

    skater-z's Emeritar skater-z Posted:
  4. Illinoise but I dont really know where in

    skater-z's Emeritar skater-z Posted:

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