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Movies I have seen fairly recently.

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Partial list of the last part of 2008:

The Reader
Gran Torino
Quantum of Solace
Seven Pounds
Slumdog Millionaire
Four Christmases
Curious Case of Benjamin Button
Wendy and Lucy
Burn After Reading
The Black Balloon
Tale of Despereaux
Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa
Role Models
Rachel Getting Married
I've Loved You So Long
Dark Knight
Secret Life of Bees
Vicky Cristina Barcelona
Zack and Miri Make a Porno

That is $580 dollars of money spent.
(10 bucks each, 2 people per movie.)
That is 58 hours of time spent sitting in a theatre
(If you average them at 2 hours each. (That is 2.4 days!)
Plus add the hot cocoa, or other snacks brought to the movies. That is a lot of time and money.

I'm just sayin'...

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(7) responses to: Movies I have seen fairly recently.

  1. Religulous!

    twazzer's Emeritar twazzer Posted:
  2. i saw valkyrie last night, it was pretty good.

    Andy's Emeritar Andy Posted:
  3. ive seen

    Zeitgeist: Addendum
    Burn After Reading
    Indiana Jones
    Zack and Miri Make a Porno
    The Visitor
    Strange Wilderness
    Drillbit Taylor
    The Dark Knight
    Tropic Thunder
    Pineapple Express
    Step Brothers
    A Cross the Universe (that Justice movie)

    NECKBEARD's Emeritar NECKBEARD Posted:
  4. ive only seen like 2/3 of those movies haha

    shaver iz dope's Emeritar shaver iz dope Posted:
  5. Man, thats alot. I've only seen Valkrie, Dark Knight, and Curious Case Of Benjamin Button.

    Pony Boy's Emeritar Pony Boy Posted:
  6. damn u see a lot of movies Ed. i cant keep up

    emericandream's Emeritar emericandream Posted:
  7. yes! amazing! i love movies! whatd you think of benjamin button?

    scisssorhands's Emeritar scisssorhands Posted:

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