Ed Templeton

skated the Emerica warehouse tonight.

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I'm gonna be sore as shit.

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(4) responses to: skated the Emerica warehouse tonight.

  1. sry to hear it. is the warehouse nice?

    kingsmyrealname's Emeritar kingsmyrealname Posted:
  2. Haha I was lurking your sesh... I was bummed I had to leave before you made it. Did you?

    FOXXXYZ's Emeritar FOXXXYZ Posted:
  3. Ahhh...the fabulousness of getting old. I feel your pain.

    gabebauman's Emeritar gabebauman Posted:
  4. let me fill my care cup for you, oh wait....lol, just messing. Nail some sigmaflips ! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dRCuUo4PvYY
    it'd be cool to see some lines of this in the next vid.

    Remy LéBeau's Emeritar Remy LéBeau Posted:

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