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Ed Templeton

The HB Park sees it's last day...

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The HB Park sees it's last day...

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(6) responses to: The HB Park sees it's last day...


    Willis's Emeritar Willis Posted:
  2. thats bullshit! do u know why its closing down? try to sneek back in befor the fallen vid for some last minute skating.

    (Good-Bye)'s Emeritar (Good-Bye) Posted:
  3. What !!!

    emerica4life-'s Emeritar emerica4life- Posted:
  4. thats gay, they closed it because they thought it would give huntington high a bad rep.
    Its stupid, they are moving it to Worthy park, which is right next to huntington high, how gay is that.

    none's Emeritar none Posted:
  5. aww, that sucks, but maybe it's the best for the city fiscally. Face it Ed, the more 12 year old girls buying stuff that screams "I don't know what a Playboy bunny is but at least it LOOKS cute", the better. Think of all the jobs this is creating Ed, stop being so selfish.

    Remy LéBeau's Emeritar Remy LéBeau Posted:
  6. sigmaflip is retarded. that park is legendary.

    Kyle's Emeritar Kyle Posted:

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