Ed Templeton

Old footage from HB

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Tom Penny Chad Muska And Ed Templeton At Huntington Beach

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(4) responses to: Old footage from HB

  1. dang, that first area seemed pretty nice. I wonder how much that cost to make, where I live, we have pretty much nothing to skate. Itd be nice to have something like that.

    giann's Emeritar giann Posted:
  2. That's a small park near Ed's house. Or I should say it was but it got destroyed. You can see more of it if you buy BRAINWASHED. "Now go you PAWN and do as the SECT tells you."

    danibal's Emeritar danibal Posted:
  3. Classic :-) Some of my best memories are skating around Huntington Beach. we'd sesh for a few hours then stop by the beach to cool off and check out babes, then skate some more.

    AustinColler's Emeritar AustinColler Posted:
  4. Yeah i remember seeing this skatepark in the video. I remember Ed did a heelflip over the rail. Oh! and the ollie over the rail to noseblunt. good stuff man.

    giann's Emeritar giann Posted:

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