DMT Story (A Year Ago)

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I saved up 500 (or so...) dollars and bought around four grams of DMT for a going away party for my friend who is going back to Indiana for college and I have to say, it was one experience I will never ever forget. It lasts about as long as a salvia trip, but the effects are life-altering.

I packed a tiny bowl of cannabis and a huge amount of wet DMT (the cannabis was to eliminate the harsh, dense tokes of the D) into my pipe and I let my friend get green. After he is done, I take the bowl and light up. Immediately, I begin coughing and coughing, taking too big of a hit. My friend gets the cherry and then lights again. I also cherry and then take a final hit. I cough just as much and heave slightly, but thankfully there was no vomit.

Right on cue I felt the trip. At first, I passed out for around 10 seconds. When I awoke, it felt slightly like I was looking down a small, compact tunnel and I walked towards the light at the end. I lost all consciousness and being and I had enormous pangs of empathy, as though I was feeling everybody's emotions in the world all at once, and it wasn't overwhelming, it was peaceful and serene. I floated up into space and I sat on a planet yet to be discovered that was far, far away from Planet Earth. It was as though my eyes could see millions of miles away.

All of a sudden I was whisked away into an entirely new dimension where everything was backwards. People were animals and our bodies were upside down. Plants were made of eyes and feet and were colored red. I looked up into the sky and it had a giant face, laughing and laughing and laughing until tears streamed down his face. I began to laugh as though I had heard the funniest thing ever, I can't even comprehend it now.

And as soon as it started I regained full consciousness and body function, although I was still high on cannabis. My friend sat there (he was still enjoying his DMT trip) silently and I got up and my skin felt tight. It felt as though my soul left my body and flew to an entirely different world.

The bottom line is the trip felt like an eternity and the best part was that I still had some DMT.

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  1. Sounds like you folded the 6th dimension to access previously unaccessible areas in the 4th.

    FOXXXYZ's Emeritar FOXXXYZ Posted:

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