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I'm Danny
I'm 19
Live in Los Angeles
I'm too quiet...but i try not to be


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  • yea i totally missed the xgames but its all good cuz im going to the Goofy vs. Regular in novemeber. im so stoked!

    GnarSurfer's Emeritar GnarSurfer Posted:
  • haha i wish! nope i dont think so. i saw some of the xgames on tv and it was motorcross. but yea im not goin

    GnarSurfer's Emeritar GnarSurfer Posted:
  • yea i skated 2day and it was amazing! i saw batman 2 and yea one of the best movies ive ever seen! 2 bad Heath Ledger died

    GnarSurfer's Emeritar GnarSurfer Posted:
  • not much just chillin. i cant skate rite now bc my shoes suck.

    GnarSurfer's Emeritar GnarSurfer Posted:
  • hey watsup?

    GnarSurfer's Emeritar GnarSurfer Posted:
  • aw yuo you too lol

    K3cY&#39;s&lt;3's Emeritar K3cY's<3 Posted:
  • hey...

    K3cY&#39;s&lt;3's Emeritar K3cY's<3 Posted:
  • nuthn mch I guess..u?

    luvas-only912's Emeritar luvas-only912 Posted:

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Bowl & Snow

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Saturday I went bowling with Guillermo and his cousin for a little bowling contest I'm gonna do on Tuesday night. Hopefully i dont suck. Later on that night I went to this party at this clothing shop in eagle rock for this girl b-day. The cons to it is that the store was very small, it was rainin and it was raining. unfortnately i didnt get any pics for it but i managed to get a pic of my friend in the car. then the next mornin i found snow on my front lawn. so i have to say that it was a good weekend.....

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