Wild in the Streets Quebec!

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The Emerica WITS we did in Quebec City last Saturday was a complete success! More then 200 kids showed up. With the 35 persons on the Emerica bus to go to Quebec City, there were skateboarders from Quebec and surrounding areas, Trois-Rivières, St-Jérome, two kids that missed their prom night from Abitibi (5-6 hours from QC) and a guy from Paris, France. There were a lot of kids at the meeting point and the police was getting annoying so the start was a bit disturbed since some people were stressed out from getting tickets. But once we reach the first spot, it was on. We did a good session there and then move on to the surprise spot: a bench built from Emerica rider Frank Fily-Paré with help from EXO skateboarders team mates. It’s a perfect spot near a new bicycle road under a bridge with light so it can be skate at all time! The ride continued on and we finished it at a little skatepark where we had a bbq brought and prepared by our friends at iFound and a gathering with people that either missed the start or were working earlier.
Here are some of my pics, you can also see a clip made from someone at EXO and some pics on 33 Mag. We will have a WebTV show soon as well.

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