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their awesome

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(5) responses to: BRAND NEW REYNOLDS 3!!!

  1. baker0006 has those in white/orage ccs edt.

  2. i would get the white and orange ones that "bakershakejuntemerica" is talking about exept that white and orange are both my school colors, hahah, i have never had leather shoes, tell me how they skate, cause i want to get some.

    anthony!'s Emeritar anthony! Posted:
  3. Dude leather shoes are heavier but not that much and they are way more durible than regualr suede they don't rip and the Reynolds I've got I have been skating in for like a 4 months everyday and they don't have one rip in the seams

    baker0006's Emeritar baker0006 Posted:
  4. leather shoes are more durable but flip slower and doesnt grip as good as suede

    monsterenergy's Emeritar monsterenergy Posted:
  5. Is a leather?i don't like it!i love the francis shoe and romero!their nice!

    arief's Emeritar arief Posted:

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