Broken Boards

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I absolutely cannot stand tre flips and lipslides. Its not the fact that I can't do them (which I can do VERY well). Its that I do them so much and after a while they end up breaking my decks, which sucks. A broken board means a long while without skating and that sucks even more. This sucks.

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  1. you know what man,everyone one goes through this stage,i went through it,and im just getting out,but ive talked to some of my friends who own my skate shop who have been skating for 20 some years. and they said they went through this stage too....its common.....but the one thing i learned about this that is AWESOME; this teaches you how to land your tres and lipslides BOLTS! after a while its like "man,i dont wanna break my board,im just gonna land bolts" now sometimes,it doesnt work out that way,but after a while, you get it,and you stop breaking boards. i used to break a new board every week,and i havent broke one in a couple months so.....good luck!

    peace off!

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