Free Deck!

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So this sick place Beer City skateboards sent me a free deck cuz I won the giveaway for the month of June. I was so stoked when it came cuz I never win stuff like that.
Check out the website
Those guys are great!
They sent me an issue of a cool skate zine and a patch and stuff too.Blog Image

Blog Image

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(4) responses to: Free Deck!

  1. Cool blank

    Spankster's Emeritar Spankster Posted:
  2. coolness!

    connormxwll22580's Emeritar connormxwll22580 Posted:
  3. thats kool, lucky

  4. sorry to piss on your bonfire but i get free decks all the time!! yeah i know you'll be thinking "what a dick" but im a dick who gets free stuff seriously though tight deck

    jamie's Emeritar jamie Posted:

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