New Years Resolutions

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1. Be happy, I often find myself being way more negative about things than necessary. Being mad isn't beneficial at all, is unhealthy, and all around usless.
2. Improve on all hobbies, I feel I need to push myself much more whether its skateboarding, drawing, or whatever. everything has room for improvement.
3. Learn an instrument, I would love to learn guitar, great way to spend time
4. Exercise more often, when I think about it, skateboarding is the only real excercise I get, that has to change if I want to maintain good health and everything.
5. Diversity, I want to try new things and not focus my whole life on the things I can already do, too boring really.
6. Be more involved in my family, I rarely spend time or do much with my family anymore, can't be good.
7. Patience, I realized I have no patience at all, which makes many things very frustrating, I need to be more patient.
8. Meet new people, I can be very reserved or even boderline shy and I don't particularly like that.
im sure I'll think of more, updates will probably be coming

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(2) responses to: New Years Resolutions

  1. Sounds like a good list bro! The hard part is keeping all of them! Good luck!!!

    sk8ta-gr1llz's Emeritar sk8ta-gr1llz Posted:
  2. 7. is important with everything... for me atleast.

    I like the list.
    my list is something like...

    1. join a band/make band. I got musical talent with singing, but i dont use it, which sucks.
    2. get a fucking job. lol
    3. try for a new sponsor either a shop/bearing/ anything ellse sponsor

    mikeskatesnj's Emeritar mikeskatesnj Posted:

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